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Ariya Cattery


Ariya Maine Coon Cattery is a family affair.

  My mother, my children, and I are all passionate about Maine Coons.  We all work tirelessly to provide the best for our cats and kittens. Their socialization, health, and their overall well-being are our primary concerns.

Our cats have European Style and the background even though their roots go all the way back to American Lines(all do). We specialize in Red and some precious colors (Silver, Gold, White). We do a show and encourage people to look for high standards: Excellent temperament, Beautiful exposition, and Health.

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Who We Are

We live on a small farm on Vancouver Island in Lake Cowichan with my three children.  I stay home so we are always there for our cats and kittens to provide them with the best care possible.


What We Do

The cats that we choose for our breeding program are chosen for their beauty, health, temperament, and conformity to the standards of the breed.  The qualifications of our breeding program are VERY stringent.  All of our males and females undergo a full health-screening, full DNA testing.

Before breeding, we ensure that our cats are absolutely perfect!

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We are a TICA breeder, all our cat have their TICA Pedigree.


Maine Coons at Glance

Despite its size, the Maine Coon cat is sweet-tempered, gentle, and friendly and gets along with just about everyone. 

They have a clown-like personality and are willing to ‘help’ their owners, yet aren’t demanding attention. 

Find out more about this breed and if the Maine Coon is right for you and your family.

  • Temperament: Friendly, Intelligent, Gentle

  • Height/Weight Range: Maine Coons don’t typically reach full maturity until they are 4 years of age.

  • Adult females: Females are typically somewhat smaller at 12 to 15 pounds, but still larger than the average for a cat.

  • Adult males: Males are quite large with healthy weights that are usually around 18 to 22 pounds

  • Colors: The Maine Coon breed is available in a variety of colors and patterns except pointed (pale body and relatively darker extremities, i.e. the face, ears, feet, tail, and in males, scrotum). The most typical colors and patterns are brown, red (orange), or silver tabbies (with or without white), and in classic (bold, swirling patterns along his sides — much like a marble cake), mackerel (vertical, gently curving stripes on the side of the body) or ticked patterns. In most recent years, breeders have been producing solid-colored cats in black, white, and blue (grey).

  • Life Expectancy: 12.5+ years.


About the Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a beautiful and loving cat that you will treasure having in your life.
Social by nature, they make excellent companions for large, active families of all ages that also enjoy having dogs and other animals, including other cats. 

Despite their size, Maine coons are among the gentlest of cats and tend to follow their people room-to-room as constant companions, if not always lap cats. 

While sometimes playful, Maine Coon antics are good-natured and easily forgiven by adoring owners.

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