All Purchasers of kittens/cats sold must agree and sign our contract.

 To help us with our breeding program, Purchaser agrees to send photos of the cat to Ariya Catery at the ages of 6 months and 1 year old. And we would like to have a photo of the cat each year on its birthday. Purchaser should enclose a brief note describing the health and temperament of the cat.


We do not accept advance payments for reservations on unborn kittens, due to the uncertainties of nature, although we can keep you on our waiting list. We will inform you a few weeks after the birth takes place.

Once we have agreed between us on the kitten that you will be buying we will then require a deposit to confirm your interest we accept payment in Cash, E-Transfer.


* We reserve the right to retain any kittens or cancel any sale prior to the kitten's pick up for any reason we feel justified, in which case your deposit will be refunded. 
* We do not announce litter nor provide pictures on demand. Please do not message us asking if kittens are born or asking for pictures. Pictures are taken at 8 weeks old after the first veterinary examination/ vaccines and available kittens are offered to our waiting list first, we will contact you when it’s time. 
* We work with the finest imported champion lines and health test them thoroughly. 
* You are always welcome to come to us if you have questions or issues! 
When the kitten is ready
We do not release any kittens before a minimum of 12 weeks of age. We reserve the right to retain a kitten for longer than the expected pick-up date if we feel he needs more time to mature.
What includes with a kitten:
* TICA registration 
* All parents tests copies (option)
* Parents Pedigree copies (option)
* Vet checked (certificate)
* Vaccinated against Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, 
* Treated for internal/external parasites 
* Royal Canin welcome Package Food sample 
* 30 days Trupanion all-inclusive health insurance


Note Stressful situations, such as a new home, may illicit temporary signs of illness in the Cat which may include sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, or diarrhea /constipation. To reduce stress, especially the first few days in his or her new adoptive home, feed the Cat the same food as the Breeder has been using and offer bottled water. Introduce family members and other pets slowly for short periods at one time over several days or even weeks. Remember that the Cat may be frightened and does not understand what is happening to him or her. Keeping the kitty in a quiet spot with a little nest for a few days (see below) will give the Cat time to assimilate to his or her new life. It is recommended that the Cat remain quarantined for 14 days without contact with other cats to allow any possible incubating illness to present. Do not use any plastic dishes for food or water as it may cause allergy.

The terms of the contract are subject to change



 Contract of Sale 

Shipment- Delivery fees are NOT included in the purchase price. It is paid by the purchaser separately.

If shipped: full payment + shipping cost is due 5 days before the shipping date.

Purchase of Maine Coon kitten

Total cost is $     Less Deposit: $

Seller:  at Lake Cowichan, BC       

Purchaser: Address: E-mail: Tel:

The subject of the Contract:

Breed: Maine Coon         Sold as Pet Class - NOT FOR BREEDING!!!

Name: Color: Sex: Birthdate: Sire: Dame:

The breeder is the lawful owner of the above Sire and Dam and has the full legal right to sell its offspring.

*Documents accompanying the transfer of the kitten: Veterinary Certificate indicating Health and vaccination,  contract.

*Kitten has been given deworming treatment, flea treatment, first two sets of vaccinations, and the purchaser provided with the health record certified by a licensed veterinarian. The kitten is in good health at the time of leaving the breeder premises. Further vaccination is recommended by the veterinarian at 4 to 6-month age and 1 year and every 3 years thereafter.

*The breeder has made a good faith effort to determine that the cat's Sire and Dam are free of inherited Genetic disease and has made this information available to purchasers. By signing this contract, the purchaser understands and acknowledges that the breeder cannot predetermine the outcome of the breeding and therefore make no assurance that the kitten is free of genetic problems or disease in the future. The Breeder cannot be held responsible for the Cat’s ultimate and/or final development. The Breeder confirms that the Cat has no health-threatening genetic defects.

*The health of this kitten is guaranteed for a period of 72 hours following a pickup date. It is recommended that a veterinary examination be conducted within these 72 hours. Any such examination shall be at the purchaser's sole expense. If the kitten is found to be medically deficient within this period by a licensed veterinarian, the kitten may be brought back to the breeder or must see a veterinarian recommended by the breeder in order to reimburse expenses for treatment of such a kitten.

*The documents establishing that this kitten is registered with The International Cat Association TICA will be provided to the purchaser as soon as I receive proof of altering. Kittens have been registered.

Purchaser(s) agrees:

*To provide adequate space, exercise, premium diet, freshwater, and a litter box for this kitten.

*To provide adequate health care for this kitten when proper medical care is needed, to have regularly scheduled check-ups, including annual immunization as recommended by a veterinarian, with the goal to keep this kitten free from internal and external parasites, and to consult with a veterinarian upon any sign of serious illness.

* Purchaser(s) agrees to alter the kitten by 12 months.  Our recommendation is to do it as late as possible as it is a large breed, and it is better for development.

*Under no circumstances will this kitten be declawed, de-meowed, or surgically mutilated in any way unless written consent is given by the breeder. Claws will be clipped on a regular basis, as needed. A tall scratching post is recommended and should be provided by the purchaser.

*The kitten is to be a house cat only and live indoors exclusively for its entire lifetime, the purchaser agrees not to let the cat run loose outdoors. The cat may be allowed outside while on the leash under supervision or in a completely enclosed run.

*Under no circumstances a kitten should ever be re-sold or given to the pet store, research facility, animal shelter, nor will it be abandoned to fend for itself.

*To keep and care for a kitten if the cat lives unless unforeseen circumstances prevent that from happening. In such circumstances, the breeder reserves the option to demand the return of this kitten to the breeder. That option shall expire 3 (three) years from the date of birth of the cat. If the breeder exercises this option, the breeder may keep that cat or find an appropriate new home for the cat. If the breeder exercises that option and re-sells this cat/kitten no refunds will be issued to the undersigned purchaser unless a separate agreement is reached at the time the option is exercised, which must be done in writing with a copy sent to the purchaser at their address shown below. If a purchaser finds someone willing to provide a new home for the cat, they should advise the breeder and provide the contact information for the person. The breeder should have the sole authority to approve that proposed transfer to a new care provider, but that approval should not be unreasonably withheld.

* It is recommended that the Cat remain quarantined for 14 days without contact with other cats to allow any possible incubating illness to present. Do not use any plastic dishes for food or water as it may cause allergy.

*All information about this kitten which the owner puts on any Resources (social networks...) must contain the full name of the cat along with the prefix of breeder's kennel.


*The Purchaser understands that under no circumstances may the Cat be used for breeding purposes and therefore is sold pre-altered OR must be altered (ovariohysterectomy— females, or neutering—males) by (date)_February 2022_, and that appropriate registration certificates will not be issued to Purchaser by the Breeder until proof of altering is presented to the Breeder.  *Proof of altering must be received by the breeder within 1 month of the procedure.

*If the Cat is not altered by the agreed-upon date, (Breach of Contract) the Breeder will deem the Cat as being breeding rights stolen and an additional $ 2500 fee will be due and payable to the Breeder immediately. All and any progeny of the Cat found to have been bred without specific Breeder’s permission are the sole property of the Breeder. The Breeder shall retain the right to forcefully repossess the Cat and progeny.  Anyone who sells any such progeny as purebred shall be deemed under the laws, to be in violation of the Animal Pedigree Act. 

*The Purchaser confirms that he or she is in a financial position to alter and care (including unforeseen or emergency Vet attention) for the cat.

*Note that the Breeder intends to seek legal action against the Purchaser in terms of

Breach of Contract. Initials: ___________(scary concept, however necessary)


Breeder _______________________ Purchaser ________________________

Date : ___________________________________________________________

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