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  • Reservation of kitten
    $500 deposit is required to reserve a kitten. We accept a deposit when we have available kittens. Some colors and gender are in demand and are reserved before they are born. Our reservation process also works with our waiting list.
  • Purchasing Process
    Some of our kittens are not posted on to our website, as they sold to the families that are on our Waiting List. We only post available kittens. Purchase a kitten that is currently posted on our web site. If we do not have kittens posted or you are looking for a different type of kitten (size, sex, or color specific Mom or Dad) you can go to our Waiting List To be on our Waiting List, we require a $250 deposit that will be applied towards the purchase price of a kitten. There are advantages and disadvantages to this option. Advantages: You receive priority. We work with you to identify the type of kitten you want. If you are considering both sexes (male & female), or you have several colors or sizes that you are interested in, one deposit, of $250, will put you on our Waiting List for all of your choices. · When a kitten is 4-6 weeks old , we will evaluate the kitten for size, temperament and price the kitten, and take pictures of the kitten. Please do not ask us to take pictures prior to the kitten being evaluated. After a kitten has been evaluated and we have determined that a kitten meets your specifications (size, sex, and color), we will notify you based on where you are on the Waiting List. Once you are notified that a kitten has been evaluated and matches your specifications, we will email you pictures of the kitten and the kitten’s evaluation. Since we cannot hold kittens for an unlimited amount of time, you will have 48 hours to make a final decision. If we do not receive your decision within 48 hours, the kitten will be offered to the next person on our Waiting List or posted on our website as an available kitten. If you decide that you want the kitten, you can choose to have the kitten held for you by making a second deposit of $250 which is applied towards the purchase price of the kitten, or wait for another kitten to be born. Final payment is not due until the kitten is either picked up or until arrangements have been made for shipping. If you are not able to make a final decision the kitten will be offered to the next family on our Waiting List, or posted on our website as an available kitten. You will not lose your spot on our Waiting List, but you will need to wait until the next kitten is born. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits can only be applied towards the next available kitten. This is the only way that we can ensure that we are working with a family that is serious about adding a new bundle of joy to their life.
  • How much is your kittens?
    Pet-Class kittens price depending on color and quality. Start from $3000 We evaluate kittens at 4 to 6 weeks of age for size and temperament. Classics colors: Red Tabby, Brown Tabby, Black Tabby, Blue Tabby Precious colors: Ticked, Silver, Shaded, Smoke, Cameo, White Breed and Show class available offered to experienced breeders only. From $5000 Breeding and Show Rights kittens will be evaluated and priced depending on quality and color of the kitten. We do not place breeding cats with anyone using polydactyl in their breeding programs. The price for a retired breeding/show cat will range somewhere between $1000 -$1500.
  • What is a Pet kitten?
    A Pet kitten is one that is sold without breeding right. Registration papers for your kitten could be obtained from TICA (The International Cat Association) upon your request and could be sent to you after the breeder receive the proof (copy of vet records) of altering.
  • What age Kittens ready to move to their new home
    We recommend new kitten go to your home after second vaccination at 12 weeks of age. In some cases deepens on kittens and experience of new owners kittens can go from 10 to 16 weeks of age. We recommend Spay/Neuter after 8 month female and 12-14 months male. All of our kittens and cats must be provided with basic veterinary care as needed. Must be indoor pets and not permitted to roam outdoors.
  • Vaccinations
    All of our kittens will receive the first two set of immunizations, which includes Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Chlamydia at 8-9 and 11-12 weeks. We do not give Feline Leukemia or FIP vaccinations and guarantee that they are negative at the time of living our home. You should consult with your veterinarian about their recommendations on these immunizations. Each kitten will be examined by our veterinarian and will have the Health Certificate.
  • Feeding kittens
    We feed Royal Canin, and a raw food diet. - Information on cat nutrition What we use for our meat mix: Beef Sirloin (cut off fat if any) 80% Chicken necks 10% Chicken hearts 5% Chicken liver 5% we grind on a bigger scale grinder and mix all together, we do freeze in the containers that we will use daily, for kittens also good to add vitamins and sometimes a bit of water. Other Recipes:
  • Shipping
    We do offer shipping from Vancouver and Victoria airport. We do ship Canada wide, USA. Shipping price will vary depending where the kitten is being shipped to. The shipping fee is not determined by us, its determined by the airline and its not negotiable-so please don’t ask. If we ship two kittens in the same kennel , there will be one shipping fee for both kittens.(most airlines state that both kittens must be less than 6 months of age to ship together. We welcome folks to fly to pick up the kitten and we will go the extra mile to meet at the airport and adjust to your flight schedule. We will only ship the kitten when we feel he is ready to go. Please feel free to contact us for details and arrangements.
  • Our right to choose a client
    We reserve a right to stop the sale at any point if we suspect that it is not in a kitten`s best interest, we wish all of our kittens to have the best possible life with forever loving homes.
  • Kitten Application
    We ask for additional information from you if you made a decision to send us a deposit for a waitlist or to reserve a kitten for our records and for a future registration. Waitlist deposit $250, Reservation deposit $500 Please e-transfer to Kittens/Cats Owners Full Name: Street Address: City: Province and Postal code: Phone Number: Preferred way of contact: Are you interested in a: Male / Female / No Preference: Pet / Show / Breed: Kitten / Junior / Retired: What is your choice of color-pattern: Please let us know if you have a veterinarian ( name of the clinic): Questions + Comment Thank you
  • Our Contract
    ARIYA MAINE COON CATTERY Contract of Sale and Purchase of Maine Coon kitten Seller - Breeder: Purchaser: Subject of the Contract: Sold as: Pet Class- Not for BREEDING!!! · Breed: Maine Coon · Name: Ariya · Color: · Sex: · Birthdate: · Sire: · Dam: · Date of Sale: Total cost is $ Less Deposit: 500 Full payment is due before picking up, or delivery. Shipment- Delivery fees are NOT included in the purchase price. It is paid by the purchaser separately. If shipped full payment + shipping cost is due 5 days before shipping date. Breeder and Purchaser Agree to the Following: 1.Breeder is the lawful owner of the above Sire and Dam and has full legal right to sell its offspring. Breeder guarantees that the kitten/cat being sold is a Pedigree Maine Coon cat. 2. Documents accompanying the transfer of the kitten: British Columbia Certified Veterinarian Health certificate for the kitten (up to date vaccinations against basic viral infections, deworming and all other necessary treatments), contract, registration. 3.The Breeder has made a good faith effort to determine that the cats Sire and Dam are free of inherited Genetic disease and has made this information available to purchasers. The Breeder confirms that the kitten has no health-threatening genetic defects. The Breeder cannot be held responsible for the Cat’s ultimate and/or final development. The breeder cannot be liable for any hidden defects or diseases that may occur later in life. 4. The seller-breeder guarantees that on the day of pick up the kitten is clinically healthy and free from parasitic diseases. The health of this kitten is guaranteed for a period of 72 hours following a pickup date. It is recommended that a veterinary examination be conducted within these 72 hours. Any such examination shall be at the purchaser sole expense. If the kitten is found to be medically deficient within this period by a licensed veterinarian, the kitten may be brought back to the breeder, or must see a veterinarian recommended by the breeder to reimburse expenses for treatment of such a kitten. 5. After 72 Hours, Breeder cannot be held accountable for FeLV, FIV, FIP, or any other bacterial and viral infections, infectious diseases, and parasites or fungus due to the fact that these can be contracted anywhere in the environment after leaving the cattery and are not a result of genetics or breeding. An animal may not be determined unfit for sale on account of an injury sustained or illness contracted after the consumer takes possession of the animal. A veterinary finding of intestinal or external parasites is not grounds for declaring a cat unfit for sale. 6. Under no circumstance Breeder be liable or responsible for any veterinary care for the kitten/cat after the purchaser take possession. 7. Purchaser agrees to sign up for a free 30-day Trupanion insurance, or any other insurance, with in 24 hours of pick up. Purchaser(s) agrees to the Following: 1. To provide adequate space, exercise, premium diet, freshwater, and a litter box for this kitten. 2. To provide adequate health care for this kitten when proper medical care is needed, to have regularly scheduled check-ups, including annual immunization as recommended by a veterinarian, with the goal to keep this kitten free from internal and external parasites, and to consult with a veterinarian upon any sign of serious illness. 3. Purchaser(s) agrees to alter the kitten by 12 months of age. Our recommendation is to do it as late as possible as it is a large breed, and it is better for development. 4. Under no circumstances will this kitten be declawed, de-meowed or surgically mutilated in any way unless written consent is given by the breeder. Claws will be clipped on a regular basis, as needed. A tall scratching post is recommended and should be provided by the purchaser. 5. The kitten is to be a house cat only and live indoors exclusively for its entire lifetime, the purchaser agrees not to let the cat run loose outdoors. The cat may be allowed outside while on the leash under supervision or in a completely enclosed run. 6. Under no circumstances that kitten should ever be re-sold or given to the pet store, research facility, animal shelter, nor will it be abandoned to fend for itself. If Buyer transfers cat/kitten to another owner, the Buyer agrees to let Seller know and approve the transaction. 7. The new kitten/cat should be confined to a private room with food, water toys, litter box and plenty of human contact until accustomed to new positive stress-free surroundings. It is recommended that the Cat remain quarantined for 14 days without contact with other cats to allow any possible incubating illness to present. Please introduce slowly to other pets and give some time so one gets offended and allow to become good, trusted fiends. Do not use any plastic dishes for food or water as it may cause allergy. 8. The purchaser was advised of the eating habits of the kitten/cat, was giving appropriate recommendations. Purchaser should be aware that in first few days in new home kitten may show sing of stress, such as sneezing, runny nose, water eyes, diarrhea or constipation. 9. All information about this kitten which the owner puts on any Resources (social networks...) must contain a full name of the cat along with the prefix of breeder's kennel. Provide photos at 6 month and 1 year of age, to observe development. Breeding 1.The Purchaser understands that under no circumstances may the Cat be used for breeding purposes and therefore is sold pre-altered OR must be altered (ovariohysterectomy— females, or neutering—males) with in 10 month of sale date, and that appropriate registration certificates will not be issued to Purchaser by the Breeder until proof of altering is presented to the Breeder. *Proof of altering must be received by the breeder within 1 month of the procedure. 2.If the Cat is not altered by the agreed-upon date, (Breach of Contract) the Breeder will deem the Cat as being breeding rights stolen and an additional $ 2500 fee will be due and payable to the Breeder immediately. All and any progeny of the Cat found to have been bred without specific Breeder’s permission are the sole property of the Breeder. The Breeder shall retain the right to forcefully repossess the Cat and progeny. Anyone who sells any such progeny as purebred shall be deemed under the laws, to be in violation of the Animal Pedigree Act. 4.The Purchaser confirms that he or she is in a financial position to alter and care (including unforeseen or emergency Vet attention) for the cat. 5.Note that the Breeder intends to seek legal action against the Purchaser in terms of Breach of Contract. Initials: ___________(scary concept, however necessary) 6.Breeder reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time prior to the kitten leaving the cattery if the Breeder feels that it is in the best interest of the kitten and/or the Breeder. In that instance, the Buyer will be refunded 100% of their deposit. The Health Guarantee covers the conditions listed below: (1year) HCM, PKD- Polycystic Kidney Disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase, Blood-brain Barrier Dysfunction, MDR1 1.In the event of a genetic defect which is a life-altering condition that may negatively affect the kitten within the first year of life, and euthanasia is chosen as the best option for the cat, because there is no quality of life, both the buyer AND the breeder MUST agree in writing that Euthanasia is the best option. There are absolutely no exceptions to this clause. Lack of funds to provide care for a kitten/cat is not a reason to choose euthanasia. 2.There will be no cash refunds under any circumstances, except at the Breeder’s discretion if he/she opts to refund the purchase price rather than replace the cat. 3. Purchasing a kitten from the Breeder makes you solely responsible for the health and wellbeing of the kitten from the day it arrives at home until the last day of its life. It is not the responsibility of the breeder to pay for any veterinarian expenses, treatments, or medicines that may be required to improve the life of your kitten or cat. While everything is done to ensure that we deliver a healthy and viable kitten/cat, there’s no way for us to predict the future health of any kitten. It is a living animal and there’s always a risk that it may develop a health condition in the future. 4. Ariya cattery will replace the kitten with another kitten within the next three litters. A necropsy report is required from a licensed veterinarian, and one of the diseases above must be the primary cause of death. 5.If the condition is not specifically listed on this contract, then its specifically excluded from the health guarantee. Breeder _______________________ Purchaser ________________________ Date : _________________ A nonrefundable deposit $500 will hold the kitten until 12 weeks of age or a pickup date. Please provide personal information, sign a copy and keep one for your records. Ballance to be paid in full including shipping coast prior to shipping or at a pickup time. Signature_____________________________
  • Video and Links to explore before brining your kitten home
    1. 2. 3.
  • Our Policy
    * All Purchasers of kittens/cats sold must agree and sign our contract. * To help us with our breeding program, Purchaser agrees to send photos of the cat to Ariya Catery at the ages of 6 months and 1 year old. And we would like to have a photo of the cat each year on its birthday. Purchaser should enclose a brief note describing the health and temperament of the cat. Reservations * We do not accept advance payments for reservations on unborn kittens, due to the uncertainties of nature, although we can keep you on our waiting list. We will inform you a few weeks after the birth takes place. * Once we have agreed between us on the kitten that you will be buying we will then require a deposit to confirm your interest we accept payment in Cash, E-Transfer.
  • Recommendations: Note Stressful situations, such as a new home, may illicit temporary signs of illness in the Cat which may include sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, or diarrhea /constipation. To reduce stress, especially the first few days in his or her new adoptive home, feed the Cat the same food as the Breeder has been using and offer bottled water. Introduce family members and other pets slowly for short periods at one time over several days or even weeks. Remember that the Cat may be frightened and does not understand what is happening to him or her. Keeping the kitty in a quiet spot with a little nest for a few days will give the Cat time to assimilate to his or her new life. It is recommended that the Cat remain quarantined for 14 days without contact with other cats to allow any possible incubating illness to present. Do not use any plastic dishes for food or water as it may cause allergy.
  • What comes home with the kitten:
    * TICA registration * All parents tests copies (option) * Parents Pedigree copies (option) * Vet checked (certificate) * Vaccinated against Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, * Treated for internal/external parasites * Royal Canin welcome Package Food sample * 30 days Trupanion all-inclusive health insurance
  • Our terms:
    * We reserve the right to retain any kittens or cancel any sale prior to the kitten's pick up for any reason we feel justified, in which case your deposit will be refunded. * We do not announce litter nor provide pictures on demand. Please do not message us asking if kittens are born or asking for pictures. Pictures are taken at 8 weeks old after the first veterinary examination/ vaccines and available kittens are offered to our waiting list first, we will contact you when it’s time. * We work with the finest imported champion lines and health test them thoroughly. * You are always welcome to come to us if you have questions or issues! When the kitten is ready We do not release any kittens before a minimum of 12 weeks of age. We reserve the right to retain a kitten for longer than the expected pick-up date if we feel he needs more time to mature.
  • Why are purebred kittens so expensive
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