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     Retired Adults


    You can get the best cat at an affordable price! It will be much cheaper than a kitten. But you should also take into account our wishes. All our retired adults will be spayed/neutered, have DNA tests and microchips. They are regularly vaccinated and examined by our veterinarian before they leave our cattery. Our cats are raised cage free with children and dogs. This is a perfect opportunity to own a purebred Maine Coon at a fraction of the cost!  Retiree's are those cats whom have been used in the breeding program and are being retired and looking for there forever home. Retiree's from $1000

Last Update 15/10/2022



 Contract of Sale 

Purchase of Maine Coon Cat

Full payment is due before picking up, or delivery.

                        Total cost is $               Deposit:

Shipment- Delivery fees are NOT included in the purchase price. It is paid by the purchaser separately. If shipped: full payment + shipping cost is due 5 days before shipping date.

  • Seller:     

  • Purchaser: 

  • Address: 

  • E-mail         Tel:  

Subject of the Contract:

  • Breed: Maine Coon                               

  • Name:                         

  • Color: 

  • Sex:                                      

  • Birthdate: 

  • Date of Sale: 

Purchaser(s) agrees:

To provide adequate space, exercise, premium diet, fresh water, and a litter box for this cat.

To provide adequate health care for this cat when proper medical care is needed, to have regularly scheduled check-ups, including annual immunization as recommended by a veterinarian, with the goal to keep this cat free from internal and external parasites, and to consult with a veterinarian upon any sign of serious illness. We recommend having Trupanion health insurance, or any other of your choice.

Adult Cat is always a final sale as it is very traumatizing for any animal to change home more then ones, so please consider it well and make sure you make your final decision for both of you. We want our retire to have a loving home.

Under no circumstances that cat should ever be re-sold or given to the pet store, research facility, animal shelter, nor will it be abandoned to fend for itself. If Buyer transfers cat to another owner, the Buyer agrees to let Seller know and approve the transaction.

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